2.5-G Covid rules

This webpage includes information essential for delegates travelling to Austria, including access to the conference venue, wider mask and entry requirements within Austria and testing access if required.

Following an Austrian government update on September 28, requirements have changed from previous delegate requirements communicated by EuropaBio so please read carefully below with changes indicated in red.

The full eligibility criteria for vaccines, recovery certificates, and tests are available on the EFIB website HERE and in a downloadable document HERE.  Please read this carefully, as Austrian rules may differ from your own national criteria with regard to vaccines accepted and eligible duration of recovery certificates.


The EFIB conference will require the following access criteria for the event:

A 2.5G protocol will be followed for all entries by delegates, as follows:

  • Vaccinated/recovered delegates will show valid certificates
  • Non-vaccinated delegates must show a valid PCR Covid test (less than 48h) at each time of conference entry

All delegates will be asked for their vaccination/recovery certificate and PCR tests (where required) when they enter the conference centre, so please allow extra time to enter the event.

Changed protocol: The requirement for a PCR test for vaccinated/recovered delegates is now NOT required.


Covid hygiene onsite

Delegates are now required by law in Austria (in a 2.5G protocol) to wear an FFP2 mask within the conference centre, with the exception of when they are eating/drinking or making conference presentations.  This is now in line with the Austrian requirement to wear FFP2 masks on public transport and shops.

Changed protocol: Delegates are now required to wear an FFP2 mask

CLICK HERE for official Austrian Government Covid status. This page is always updated and should be reviewed regularly. Last updated September 22.


How do you ensure a safe and smooth visit to Vienna?

  • What do the EFIB entry rules mean for my travel preparations?

If you are not vaccinated, you will need to show a PCR test that is less than 48 hours old since the test (not the result) to enter the conference centre. We strongly recommend that you take this test before you leave for Vienna to avoid any delay in results when you arrive.

  • How do I book a follow-up PCR test if I am not vaccinated?

We recommend that reserve a follow-up PCR test before you leave for Vienna to take immediately after your arrival so that the result is available for the next entry into the venue.  The Test Centre within the EFIB conference centre provides free of charge PCR tests, however, these are not express tests and you should read the terms before reserving a slot that you need with shorter than 24 hours.

  • What if I need an express test?

If you need an express test the document HERE lists private clinics. These are not free and you should read carefully the results speed, as tests taken in the afternoons are generally not available until the next day. EFIB recommends that your initial PCR test is taken before you travel.

  • Which mask and entry rules apply in Austria?

FFP2 masks are required for everyone on public transport, in cable cars, and essential businesses such as supermarkets, chemists, petrol stations, banks. These masks are required in all shops and museums for those that are not vaccinated or have recovered from COVID.  We recommend that you arrive with an FFP2 mask for each day that you intend to stay and the EFIB team will have additional masks at the registration desk if required.

Proof of vaccination or tests will be required for entry into most venues in Vienna, such as restaurants and hotels.

See full details below for the eligibility criteria for certificates and test eligibility. These criteria are set by the City of Vienna and may differ from your own national requirements, so please read carefully and contact the EFIB team at hello@efibforum.com


2.5-G eligibility criteria within the City of Vienna


  • Negative PCR- test, validity: 48 hours from time of test


  • Proof of vaccination with an EMA-approved vaccine against COVID-19 (Biontec/Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca). Valid for 360 days from the date of the second vaccination.
  • For vaccines requiring only one vaccination (Johnson & Johnson), this is valid for 270 days from day 22 of vaccination
  • 3rd partial vaccination valid for 360 days


  • 360 days from 1st vaccination if a positive test was available 21 days prior or antibodies could be detected at the time of vaccination.


  • proof of recovery by a medical certificate (molecular biology confirmed survived infection, not older than 6 months/180 days)
  • a certificate of isolation (not older than 6 months/180 days)
  • an antibody test (not older than 3 months/90 days)


Other useful links:

  • You’ll find the most up-to-date information on the COVID situation in Austria here
  • A summary of the latest COVID-19 rules, released on 15 Sept can be found here for Vienna (German only) or for Austria (German only
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