Start-up Profile

Founded: 2016

Country: France

Number of employees: 5

Main focus areas/active in: 

  • Enzyme Technologies & Bioprocesses
  • Platform / Conversion Technologies
  • Synthetic Biology


BIOC3 is a French start-up created in Toulouse in 2016, specializing in the production of molecules with high added value, synthetic biocatalysis of organic compounds and industrial biobrics.


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Which input provides your business model/core technology towards a bio-based economy?

BIOC3 has specialized in the biocatalyse synthesis of organic compounds and industrial biobricks. In collaboration with TWB (pre-industrial demonstrator under the supervision of INRAE, INSA & CNRS), we made a POC for a proprietary production plateform, patented in 2019. Our strategy is to develop a production platform at lower cost, as an alternative to fermentation and chemical synthesis.

Which market/clients do you address and which short-/long-term goals do you have?

Our targets are biotechnology companies and chemical industries encountering difficulties in their manufacturing processes, & who want to reduce their production costs, while providing them a tool that allows them to produce molecules impossible to produce until now. We could also offer our biosynthesis platform approach to institutions, universities, technology transfer offices, start-ups.

What makes your approach unique compared to other stakeholders in this field?

Current industrial production methods (chemical synthesis, microbial fermentation, and extraction from biomass) present several challenges. BioC3, uses a new proprietary biosynthesis technique capable of competing with fermentation and cell-free to produce compounds of interest.

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