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BlueSens gas sensor GmbH – we are the experts for gas analysis in any kind of bioprocess Worldwide, thousands of projects and processes that serve sustainability are equipped with BlueSens sensors for online gas analysis. Whether the conversion of CO2 and H2 to CH4, the optimization of biogas production or the control of algae processes. From the production of vegan food to the production of active ingredients and quality measurements of baker’s yeast – BlueSens gas measurement technology is everywhere. Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Herten, Germany, BlueSens is the market leader when it comes to gas measurement technology for the bioprocess industry. Whether sensors for single gases (available for O2, CO2, CH4, H2, EtOH), such as the well-known “blue mushrooms” or sensors that can measure two gases simultaneously (BlueInOne CO2/O2; BlueVary e.g. CO2/CH4), everything is covered. BlueSens gas sensors stand out from traditional measuring instruments due to their customer-oriented features. They can be used in any scale, starting with shaking flasks or anaerobic fermentation vessels, in the laboratory up to industrial scale. The analyzers allow easy scale-up using the same measuring technique in different scales. This helps to minimise deviations and unpredictability caused by using the different technologies. The sensors are easy to connect and can be installed directly in the off-gas flow of fermenters and bioreactors of any kind (stainless steel, single-use or glass). In combination with a bioprocess software like BlueVIS, the sensors are used to calculate essential respiratory parameters like CER (carbon dioxide emission rate), RQ (respiratory quotient) or OUR (oxygen uptake rate) etc. Besides single and combined gas sensors, the product portfolio also includes complete solutions (Yieldmaster – automated BMP determination), gas volume measurement devices (BlueVCOunt) and bioprocess software (BlueVIS). As a matter of principle, we attach great importance to the fact that all our products are designed to be as easy to use as possible while meeting the highest quality and accuracy requirements.


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BlueSens goes virtual – BlueSens Academy is born
Do you want to know how to get more yield, lower your material input and shorten process running times? Is it possible to achieve all this by just using one tool? It is! Your off-gas analyzer sees everything. Are you aware of all the benefits it can deliver? BlueSens is market leader in off- gas analysis and specialized in gas analyzing tools for any kind of biotechnological application. Two decades of experience, high quality products and thousands of well running sensors in the market speak for themselves. Now you have the chance to become an off-gas expert without even leaving your office. At BlueSens Academy you can participate online workshops and webinars, watch videos about installations or maintenance topics. We show you how simple off-gas technique can help to improve your processes. See what´s new and sure we will also reveal some tricks. Right now we offer two webinars and you can register here Follow us on our social media channels and register for the newsletter to always be up to date.
Turn your fermenter or bioreactor in a reliable source of information.
BlueSens offers reliable, accurate and precise off-gas analyzersmade in Germany. Only high-quality componentsare used to build our sensors. BlueSens offers single gas analyzers for CO2, O2, H2, CO, CH4, EtOH (BCP-series) as well as combined units (BlueInOne&BlueVary) for gas combinations CO2/O2, CH4/CO2& CO2/H2. Analyzers provide PAT-conform online measurements in real-time. All sensors deliver continuous off-gas data. Sampling is no longer required. BlueSens analyzers can operate in fully saturated gas streams and require no pretreatment of the gas stream. No minimum or maximum flow rates are necessary. Digital and analog data communication is standard with all sensors and requiring no additional hardware. Offering a variety of connections BlueSens sensors can be operated with fermenters from all manufacturers with vessel volumes from shake flask up to manufacturing scale systems. BlueSens off-gas analyzers are in use with cell culture and microbial fermentations and suitable for use single use bioreactors (SUB) & fermenters (SUF).

Off-gas analysis for bioprocess optimization

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