carbonauten GmbH

Start-up Profile

Founded: 2017

Country: Germany

Number of employees: 5

Main focus areas/active in: 

  • Bio-based Materials
  • Agriculture
  • Forestry
  • Renewable Energy
  • Bioplastics
  • Architecture
  • Infrastructure


Which input provides your business model/core technology towards a bio-based economy?

We develop, produce, refine and market biocarbons, decentralized and in industrial dimensions. 1 t of our biocarbons stores the equivalent of up to 3.6 t CO2. And avoids further large quantities of greenhouse gases such as CO2, methane and nitrous oxide in the many applications. For this we only use residues of biomass. These come from agriculture and forestry, the wood, recycling and food industries. Our biocarbons are usually made of biochar, but can also be made from problematic substances from the recycling and disposal industry. We supply the certified, specified and batch biocarbons in various markets as bio-activated carbon, bio-feed coal, biochar coal, as auxiliaries for biogas plants and soils. In development are innovative products such as biocarbons from waste wood as a substitute for fossil coke as well as the innovative, revolutionary and disruptive material family “carbonauten OCM Organic Carbon Materials” as a plastic substitute for packaging, technology, insulation, filtration, lightweight and mould construction as well as for furniture panels, design, architecture and construction.

Which market/clients do you address and which short-/long-term goals do you have?

We address almost every market. It starts with plastic, but also building industry, car manufactures,food sector, agriculture and forestry. The solutions we provide is a solution that changes every product we use today and make it a carbon sink. In long term we want to have an impressive impact as a carbon sink in all the different sectors with the usage of biomasses all around the world. We want to help to produce cheap and clean energy, help to rise the level of humus in the soils to feed the world. We want to help transforming steps and deserts into beautiful forests. Together with our partners we plan a holistic and circular future of the world. Everyone with the same focus is invited to become our partner.

What makes your approach unique compared to other stakeholders in this field?

With our very robust and simple production we make sure to produce all over the world with different feedstocks in a very efficient way. BBQ-Biocharcoal, Activated carbon or carbon as a soil amendment are products that are known and wide spread in the world. Our focus is more on the possibilities to reduce fossile oil, coal and gas. Thats why we have our concentration in IP on mixtures of biocarbon with a huge range of different binders. Plastic binders but also mineral and protein binders.

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