CETEM (Technological Centre of Furniture and Wood of the Region of Murcia)

Poster Presentation
Biotechnological development of sustainable additives for application in wood coatings
Focus area / active in:
  • Material innovation
  • Bioprocesses & technologies
  • Green economy, circular economy, circular bioeconomy
  • wood
  • coating
  • bio-pigments
  • bio-driers
  • sustainable
  • bio-additives

Traditionally, coatings used to protect wooden furniture are based on materials derived from fossil fuels and are therefore unsustainable and often toxic. The objective of this work is to promote the sustainability of wood coatings through the research of additives developed by biotechnological methods. These additives were bio-pigments produced by a fungus and bio-driers based on enzymatic systems. On the one hand, bio-pigments were obtained by fermentation of industrial citrus processing waste using Monascus purpureus. Different fermentation methods (solid and semi-solid state) were used and different key parameters were monitored and analyzed: citrus waste pretreatment, culture media, temperature, pH, incubation time and agitation, substrate moisture, and inoculum content. The presence of different pigments was estimated by visible light spectrophotometry, detecting the absorbance at different wavelengths (yellow, orange, and red). Finally, the pigments were recovered by solvent evaporation. On the other hand, the application of a laccase mediator system as an oxidant in the coating drying reaction was developed. The laccase enzymatic activity was determined and its optimal working conditions (pH and Tª) were studied and stablished. Coating formulations were developed analyzing different types of mediators and different concentrations of enzyme and mediator, as well as its humidity and curing temperature, choosing the best ones by drying time and tack-free tests. Finally, coating formulations were developed including both the bio-pigments obtained and the most optimal bio-drier systems. Coatings were applied to glass and wood test pieces and validated by coating characterization tests according to the European standard (UNE-EN).

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