Dialogue on Circularity & Sustainability

EFIB stakeholder perspectives

Delivering the Green Deal: Industrial biotechnology into business

A year and a half after the Green Deal publication by the European Commission, EFIB 2021 will take stock of achievements made. Under the main theme “Delivering the Green Deal: Industrial biotechnology into business”, the EFIB 2021 programme features 10+ focused plenary and parallel tracks as well as roundtable sessions, attracting about 70+ speakers across the two main conference days to shed light on business strategies, technology challenges and policy frameworks.

How can Europe reach its goal to be among the global leaders of sustainable innovation?   
Which strategies are pursued by corporates to apply transformative bio-based technologies?  

Marcus Remmers
Chief Technology Officer

Feeding The Future – How biotechnology can enable more sustainable food systems

DSM regards biotechnology as a key enabler to develop more sustainable products, processes and solutions for the agriculture & food sector that are safe, healthy and scalable. We speak with DSM Chief Technology Officer, Marcus Remmers, about the developments in the field of alternative proteins, the need for more collaboration and open innovation, and DSM’s biotechnology activities in Austria, this year’s EFIB host country.

Join us for a face-to-face networking event

European stakeholders in industry and academia are at the forefront of providing next-gen bio-based technologies for various industrial applications. EFIB 2021 will offer an ideal platform to meet and network with peers as one of the first in-person conference for the community this year. 

Pascal Zimmermann

Sales & Marketing Managing Director, PAN-Biotech GmbH
„We are looking forward to EFIB as in-person conference in Vienna to showcase our expertise in upscaling cell culture processes and to network with the European industrial biotech community.”

Alexander Stephan

Head of Department of Science and raw material management, VAN HEES GmbH
„I am looking forward to join again for the EFIB conference and to meet with innovators from the food sector who are working on sustainable meat alternatives such as fungi or insects. For instance, a worm grows 64,000 times faster than a cow – why not pay attention to this protein source? We are also looking into fungi-based products, but when it comes to application in Europe, the Novel Food Regulation is currently a large obstacle to bring those innovations into the market.”

Sarah Borg

Program Manager Alternative Proteins, Hochland Group
“Precision fermentation of proteins for the food industry is an emerging field which offers new and exciting opportunities. We see great potential in our partnership with Remilk and believe that they will create a new raw material base for us and other food manufacturers to develop innovative product lines. The EFIB offers a platform to connect further with international stakeholders and start-ups in the area of industrial biotechnology and bioeconomy and gives us the chance to keep track of new developments and innovations.”

Celebrate industrial biotech achievements

2021 also marks EuropaBio’s  25th anniversary and the EFIB event will see the launch of anEFIB Vienna statement” on priorities and vision for industrial biotechnology.