Doing good by doing business the Dutch way

by ChemistryNL / Holland Bio

The Netherlands, one of the most ambitious countries in the global circular movement and one of the top leaders in innovation. Read more on why our country is your best country of business!

Circular economy is a concept that is gaining traction around the world. It asks for a major shift from a linear based economy and a take-make-waste approach, to a circular system based on the principles of eliminating waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems.

The Netherlands is one of the most ambitious countries in the global circular movement. Our country recognises that global challenges can only be confronted together. Achieving the SDGs is not only good for the world. It also generates trade and investment, fosters innovation and creates new sustainable industries and employment. Nowadays, doing good and doing business go hand-in-hand. Only by inspiring people and institutions to rethink and redesign we can ensure that circular advancements are actually adopted by public and private organisations, institutions and society as a whole. The Netherlands is committed to become 100% circular by 2050,and working in partnerships across the globe, enabling knowledge exchange.

The Dutch take a unique, quadruple-helix approach to collaboration, involving participation from businesses, knowledge institutions, government, and citizens. Our quadruple-helix model understands the essentials for fruitful business environments:

  • A competitive business climate
  • A skilled and educated workforce
  • Accessible programmes to enhance and boost innovation
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • A stable political and economic landscape

A business should not just survive but thrive in its environment. They must deal with forces they have little to no control over, such as governmental policies, political attitudes, tax regulations, public-private relationships, and local customs, to name but a few. Selecting the right location is therefore key to establishing a successful business. We are proud with our 5th position in the top 15 leaders in innovation of last year.

The Netherlands is business friendly and committed to stimulating innovation, sustainability and digitalisation. We are also known for our creative, collaborative and open environment that fuels business growth. Through incentive programmes and public-private partnerships, local governments foster a forward-thinking environment for ground-breaking research and cutting-edge projects. Foreign investment is welcomed as international companies make a valuable contribution to Dutch industry ecosystems and the economy at large.

For a climate-resistant, water-robust, sustainable, healthy, and safe world we need to look at solutions both small and large. From the latest scientific insights and key technologies to practical and human solutions in design and application. The Dutch top sectors work together to design the appropriate solutions, by linking societal challenges to the business climate and knowledge institutions.

ChemistryNL is the name of the Top Sector Chemistry and executes the mission driven innovation policy of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. In order to come up with the best solutions the business community, universities, research centers and the government work together on knowledge and innovation.
HollandBIO is the Dutch biotech industry organization, connecting, supporting, and representing over 240 biotech companies. Together, on behalf of the Dutch government, we make sure to give the Dutch biotech sector a prominent presence at EFIB21. Visit our booth to meet us and discuss more about the Netherlands as your best country of business!

Text by Chemistry NL / HollandBIO (27 August 2021)