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Company/Organisation type: Industry

Focus area/active in:

  • Health, Nutrition & Care
  • Animal Nutrition and Health
  • Food & Beverages
  • Biomedical
  • Personal Care & Aroma
  • Enzyme technologies and bioprocesses
  • Strain Development
  • Synthetic biology
  • Screening
  • Bioprocess development


Royal DSM is a global, purpose-led company in Health, Nutrition & Bioscience, applying science to improve the health of people, animals and the planet. DSM’s purpose is to create brighter lives for all. DSM’s products and solutions address some of the world’s biggest challenges while simultaneously creating economic, environmental and societal value for all its stakeholders – customers, employees, shareholders, and society at large. DSM and its associated companies employ approximately 23,000 people around the world and deliver annual net sales of about €10 billion. 

Website: www.dsm.com

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DSM, a world leader in biotechnology

Building on 150 years of expertise, today DSM is a global purpose-led leader in biotechnology, developing a broad range of sustainable, bio-based products and solutions for better health through nutrition. DSM’s biotechnology competences offer world-class science and innovation, organized in a global network of R&D and manufacturing facilities in Europe, China, Brazil, and the USA. This booklet provides an insight into the history and potential of biotechnology, the innovations driven by it, and the way DSM is advancing the responsible use of this promising technology.

Our three sustainability commitments


We want to provide good and affordable nutrition that supports people’s health. Today, more than two billion people worldwide are lacking sufficient micronutrients like vitamins and minerals in their diet. At DSM, we’ve worked hand-in-hand for many years with partners like the World Food Program, UNICEF and World Vision to close the micronutrient gap by fortifying staple foods like rice and providing public health nutritional supplements to vulnerable populations. Today, we reach several hundred million people each year; but want to do more.


Animal-based proteins are highly nutritious and form a key part of a balanced, healthy diet. However, animal-sourced food production and agriculture is impacting nature and our climate. We intend to make animal farming more sustainable to enable better food, nutrition and health for all, within planetary boundaries. Our feed solutions play a key role in changing the livestock sector from within; for example by producing sustainable and nutritious new foods that put less pressure on our planet. We can help, for example, take a big chunk out of farm emissions by changing the feed that animals like cows eat every day.


We need to ensure that the farmers who produce our food can do so sustainably while actually benefitting from new farming practices. This can be achieved by rewarding farmers for applying the most sustainable methods; helping them grow healthy food; supporting them in securing a steady income; and all supported by training to help make it happen.

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