EV Biotech

Start-up Profile

Founded: 2018

Country: The Netherlands

Number of employees: 14

Main focus areas/active in: 

  • Bio-based Materials
  • Engineering / Scale-up
  • Enzyme Technologies & Bioprocesses
  • Feedstock / Biomass
  • Food / Nutrition / Ingredients
  • Fuels / Lubricants
  • Homecare (e.g. detergents)
  • Personal Care (e.g. cosmetics)
  • Plastics
  • Production Processes / Manufacturing
  • Strain Development
  • Synthetic Biology


EV Biotech harnesses the digitalisation of microorganisms to facilitate the acceleration of strain engineering. Combining in-house expertise, the synergistic approach of utilising computational modelling and strain engineering facilitates cutting development time in half. Throughout the strain development process, our approach facilitates the improved chance of success, production levels, financial forecasts, and time to market.

Which input provides your business model/core technology towards a bio-based economy?

By facilitating the transition from petrochemical methods to green methods of high value chemical compound manufacturing, EV Biotech is able to support the transition to a bio-based economy. Through utilising microbial cell factories, we aim to transition product development towards more sustainable means.

Which market/clients do you address and which short-/long-term goals do you have?

Our proof-of-concept strains target the biomaterials, agrifood tech and flavours and fragrances market. From the proof-of-concept strains, two will be ready to pilot by the end of the year. The global market size for the final products of the terpene and bioplastic strains are projected to be $760 M by 2027 and $121 M by 2025.

What makes your approach unique compared to other stakeholders in this field?

In the laboratory, the introduction of new biosynthetic pathways into a microorganism normally takes six to ten years and is highly resource-intensive. EV Biotech will cut the development time for faster launch to market. EV Biotech’s platform can engineer microbial cell factories that grow at a perfect balance of minimal carbon input with maximum compound yield, without wasting carbon resources.

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