Evening Reception

Round off your first conference day at EFIB
with a fun and informative networking event.


Explore. Network. Be inspired.

EFIB takes networking to the next level with a themed evening reception in the exhibition.

1 October 2019, 18:00–20:00

The special evening programme includes:

  • Guided tour through the exhibition
  • Themed lounge areas on fashion and textiles, novel bio-based materials and packaging, novel food and nutrition, technologies and processes, and more… (see some of the product samples below)
  • Start-up pitches
  • And of course lots of networking in a relaxed atmosphere (music, drinks and good food)

Food & Nutrition:

Native Foods (insect crackers), Papilla (insect snacks), Pure Raw (algae protein), Whapow (spirulina smoothie), Viva Maris (algae drinks & snacks), Algomed (algae food supplements), Phytolinc (algae gin), Nucaps (natural nanontechnology), 3Fbio (sustainable protein), Higher Steaks (cell-based meat), Innocent Meat (cell-based meat), Meatable (cell-based meat)

Materials & Packaging:

BIO-LUTIONS (packaging made from food waste), Ecovative (mushroom packaging), Apomore (gras paper), Gaia Sustainable Concept (bee wax wrapping), Senbis Polymer Innovations (bio-based PLA yarn), Cellulosic Technologies (lactid acid for bioplastics), Natures Principles (microbial bio-cellulose)

Fashion & Textiles:

Vienna Textile Lab (organic colors made by bacteria), NEFFA (fabrics from mushrooms), NUUWAÏ (apple leather bags), nat-2 (shoes from blood, gras or wood), like a bird Mode (viscose from roses), Lenzing (tencel-viscose from wood), Grey Fashion (textiles from algae)

Technologies & Processes:

FGen, Kapsera, Millidrop, Fornia Biosolutions, Evonetix, Chrysalix Technologies, Aquila biolabs, mk2 biotechnologies, Syngulon, BGene Genetics, Green Rose Chemistry


Interested in becoming a reception partner? There are plenty of opportunities to get involved.

Contact us to discuss your ideas. We are happy to hear from you.

Annika Rudat
+49-30-26 49 21-38