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Founded: 2013

Country: Italia

Number of employees: 2

Main focus areas/active in: 

  • Bio-based Materials
  • Microbial Strain Development


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Which input provides your business model/core technology towards a bio-based economy?

Our core technology is based on renewable biomasses, preferentially residual, as feedstock that we valorize by microbial fermentation and biocatalysis.

Which market/clients do you address and which short-/long-term goals do you have?

We are focused on the market of bioplastic and biomaterial, and we are aiming at developing innovative bioprocesses and advanced materials. In short and long term, we are looking for partners and/or investors for the development of novel compounds and or novel microbial-based processes for bio-based plastics, respectively.

What makes your approach unique compared to other stakeholders in this field?

We have a microbial based process of production for poly-lactic acid at PCT stage (recently acknowledged as Italian patent). When developing our ideas, we keep in mind origin of resources and end of life of the products at the same time, and we exploit microbial diversity for matching industrial requirements.

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