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PRO-ENRICH. Development of novel functional proteins and bioactive ingredients from rapeseed, olive, tomato, and citrus fruit side streams for applications in food, cosmetics, pet food and adhesives
Focus area / active in:
  • Food, feed & nutrition
  • Green economy, circular economy, circular bioeconomy
  • functional proteins
  • bioactive ingredients
  • rapeseed
  • olive
  • tomato
  • citrus fruit
  • agrifood industry
  • circular economy
  • bioeconomy

Pro-Enrich is a 36-month Research & Innovation Action funded by the BBI-JU (GA 792050). The project was launched in May 2018 and gathers the expertise of 16 partners from 7 countries, covering the entire biorefinery value chain (8 SMEs, 5 large enterprises, 2 RTOs and 1 university). It is coordinated by the Danish Technological Institute (DTI). Pro-Enrich is developing a flexible biorefinery capable of processing a range of agricultural residues able to extract a set of high-value-added compounds (e.g. proteins, carotenoids, polyphenols…), tailored to the requirements of the industry to which they are targeted.

Currently, the situation of each side stream is:

  • Rapeseed: hot and cold-pressed rapeseed meal from Emmelev has been biorefined at DTI and Bangor University pilot facilities in close collaboration with enzyme experts from Tailorzyme and processing and technology experts from GEA. 3 kg of protein concentrate (>70 % purity) and 1.5 kg of protein isolate (>90% purity) has been made.
  • Olives: Olive pomace and olive mill wastewater have been collected from the Franka Marzi mill in Slovenia and Jaencoop in Spain. Samples have been characterised by Natac and InnoRenew CoE, the following compounds are targeted for extraction: oleuropein, hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol, luteolin, apigenin, and verbascoside.
  • Tomatoes: whole fruit have been supplied by Anecoop, Spain and a method for separating the seeds from the pulp and juice has been developed by Bangor University. Natac, has analyzed carotenoids and polyphenols. Carotenoids have been biorefined/purified by Natac at lab scale. Quantities of approximately 10 g per lab test have been obtained. So far, purities of approx. 20 – 25 % of total carotenoids have been obtained.
  • Citrus: fruit and side streams provided by Anecoop, Spain. The raw materials have been biorefined and analysed by Natac, Spain. Polyphenols of interest have been identified for consumer product purposes including naringin and hesperidin. A hesperidin product reaching market demand requirements has been produced (5 kg of dried extract produced by Natac).

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Innovarum (Eurizon SL)

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Innovarum (Eurizon SL)

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