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For more than 80 years, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences products have been making a difference in people’s lives by improving the productivity of medical professionals and scientists, supplying critical information for improving patient health and delivering trusted solutions for research and discovery. Scientists use our life science research instruments to study complex biological problems including causes of disease and potential new therapies or drugs. In November 2020, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences acquired m2p-labs. BioLector® microbioreactors based on the microfermentation technology of m2p-labs (now part of Beckman Coulter Life Sciences) enhance high-throughput bioprocessing with or without O2, and are fast, easy and fit in any lab. The new BioLector XT microbioreactor enables real-time evaluation of biomass, fluorescence, pH, DO, and other key cultivation parameters for aerobes and anaerobes to quickly provide deep insights into your bioprocess development. Every solution we create starts with you, and the performance, accuracy and workflow efficiency you need. Reliable engineering is built in, so that you can count on your instrument to meet the demands of your lab, time after time. We’ve continually introduced new innovations to improve your workflow, culminating in a full family of cell counters including our Vi-CELL cell viability platform and the Multisizer 4e particle size analyzer. Each takes a different approach to help you count, size and monitor cell health, featuring sophisticated, industry-leading technology. They’re powerful, versatile and precise platforms, yet still user-friendly and intuitive. So whether you’re looking for full automation, in-depth results, or simply a level of reliability unmatched in the industry, you’re sure to find a solution that meets your needs.

Website: https://www.m2p-labs.com

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BioLector XT Microbioreactor

GET MO2RE DATA. NOW. With or without O2

The BioLector XT high-throughput microbioreactor enables real-time evaluation of biomass, fluorescence, and other key cultivation parameters for aerobes and anaerobes—to quickly provide deep insights into your bioprocess development.

Building on trusted BioLector Pro technology, the BioLector XT is based on a standard ANSI/SLAS (SBS) microtiter plate (MTP) format, and operates with non-invasive, pre-calibrated optical sensors.

Disposable 48-well MTPs enable online measurement of biomass, fluorescence, pH and DO, while patented microfluidic technology supports simultaneous pH control and feeding.

An optional microfluidic module eliminates manual liquid handling—no tubing/pipetting required, as everything is part of the gamma-radiated ready-to-use plate

Additional features include:

  • Capability to fully customize cultivation protocols to cover a broader spectrum of applications
  • Enables free combination of different feeding and pH control strategies over one cultivation run
  • Updated BioLection software provides an intuitive user interface designed for multi-user environments
  • New gassing head reduces gas consumption and acts as an air-tight anaerobic chamber that can be used with the microfluidic module, eliminating need for anaerobic tents

Virtual Demo of BioLector XT Microbioreactor Product Video of BioLector XT Microbioreactor Product Video RoboLector Microbioreactor Pichia 2021 | Talk by Anna Kress | BioLector Pro Microbioreactor

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