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The microfermentation technology of m2p-labs microbioreactors enables customers to conduct experiments with great efficiency and excellent quality at low costs. The BioLector microbioreactor is a unique high-throughput fermentation system. In up to 48 parallel cultures the essential fermentation parameters such as biomass concentration, pH and DO as well as fluorescent proteins or substrates can be all monitored online. The advanced BioLector Pro technology is using proprietary microtiter plates with an integrated microfluidic chip. By using the microfluidic technology the system continuously controls the pH of each culture individually as well as the feeding for fed-batch cultivations. The BioLector microbioreactors are established systems for bacterial, yeast, fungi, plant and insect cells. All systems are suitable for aerobic, microaerophilic and strict anaerobic cultivations. More knowledge from small scale leads to more rational and reliable decisions in the development of bioprocesses.

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The Research Platform // Microbioreactor // m2p-labs BioLector® Pro with the FlowerPlate®, allow researchers to conduct bioprocess scaleup experiments with high efficiency and excellent data quality, at micro-scale costs. By using the BioLector® Pro and the microfluidic FlowerPlate® fed-batch cultivations at micro-scale format become real. Several feeding options are available: constant, linear, exponential or triggered by signal. Dependent on the specific process the different feed options can be chosen. Several triggers for defining the right starting and end point of the feeding process can be implemented. Free from tubing, everything is part of the beta-radiated, ready-to-use plate. Learn more | Request your copy here
Low pH (4-6) profiling in microscale // Microbioreactor // m2p-labs Do you need to measure a pH value in the range of pH 4-6? We offer a new generation of low pH optodes in a single packed FlowerPlate® or Microfluidic Plate for the BioLector® Pro!The low pH optodes are qualified for measurements and pH control in the range of 4 – 6. They show reduced interferences due to less interferenceof background signals and their emission is near infrared. For the fermentations of yeast, lactobacillus, fungi and more, the low pH optodes are validated for production.We show you how it works! Watch our video about the Application Note „Low pH (4-6) profiling in µL-scale”!


The microbioreactor system BioLector Pro features online measurements of biomass, fluorescence, pH and DO and at the same time controls pH and feeding rates through micro-valves and micro-channels.

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High-Throughput Microfermentations. How to conduct experiments with excellent efficiency and high quality at low costs in microscale.


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