Media Registration


Journalists writing for industry-specific news/publishing organizations are welcome to attend EFIB 2020 free of charge provided the terms of our press policy are satisfied. You must apply in order to receive a complimentary press registration.

Application for a Press Registration

Please provide the following information to apply for a complimentary Media registration:

  • Evidence that you are affiliated with a nationally or regionally recognised press outlet.
  • Please prove that you are a journalist or editor with an internationally recognised press card or provide copies of your work in recognised publications, with their name appearing as writer or editor. Please provide some links to online publication(s) with your name or title appearing in an editorial capacity, i.e. as writer or editor. Alternatively, you could send articles and provide a link to your print publication’s companion website, with your name appearing as writer or editor.
  • An editorial title (titles accepted: editor-in-chief, senior editor, executive editor, associate editor, technology editor, managing editor, editor, staff writer, reporter, columnist, photographer).

Please send your application to

Your request will be evaluated and you will be notified within five working days after submission of your request. Please note that sending the information does not guarantee that a complimentary Media registration will be granted. Applicants who fail to meet the terms and conditions will be invoiced for the regular prevailing registration fee posted on the conference website. The EFIB organisers reserve the right to deny access to any applicant.