Virtual 1:1 Partnering Meetings

Meet the right people and take your business/collaboration idea, technology or project to the next level.

Partnering is open. Register now and request meetings.

The partnering tool allows you to identify potential partners and manage all your meeting requests. 

You will be able to manage your meetings in just three easy steps:

  1. PROFILE – Complete your personal and company profile. Profiles will be used to search for best-fit partners and to evaluate meeting requests.
  2. SEARCH – Search for companies and participants of interest and send requests for 1:1 meetings.
  3. MEET – Accept or decline requests from others. Meetings will automatically be scheduled based on your accepted requests and mutual availability.

Virtual 1:1 partnering will be possible 24-hours/day throughout the whole conference week to accommodate all times zones.
The partnering tool provides a video chat service that enables attendees to join their meetings remotely. It is instantly available without download or additional login, and it includes screenshare. 
The length of each meeting slot is 30 minutes.