2020 | 2nd Webinar Speakers

Chris is a biochemist turned entrepreneur that is passionate about translating advances in food science and technology into real world impact. After spending 5 months obsessing about his diet in the lead up to the 2018 Oxford vs Cambridge Varsity Boxing Match, he realised that our food demands, particularly society’s obsession with meat and animal products, are destroying our planet. Driven by the mantra “to those that much is given, much is expected”, he knew he had to do whatever was in his power to change this. Immediately after graduating from the University of Oxford with a Masters in Biochemistry, he co-founded Better Nature and set out to fix our broken food system with the power of tempeh fermentation.

Leo Groenewegen is co-founder & Chief Executive Officer at CellulaREvolution Ltd. He has been leading the company since its inception and as CEO, ensures that the overall goals of the company are achieved

Leo Groenewegen has extensive experience in the fields of Biotech and Pharmaceuticals. During his career he has enabled a wide array of firms to out-perform by achieving scientific, financial and commercial excellence. Leo Groenewegen has previously held a position as CFO at a Swedish based biotech company, where besides financing he was also responsible for Investor relations, PR/Communications and Business Development. Some of his other experiences included positions at reputable consulting firms such as IMS Health and Deloitte.

David is the co-founder and Managing Director of Peace of Meat. Before founding POM, David has gained a decade of experience in consumer and food systems with Procter & Gamble, McKinsey& Company and Migros. His passion evolves around doing well by doing good. For the planet, for the animals, for innovation. David focuses on generating business opportunities whilst reducing human destruction of our planet, starting with the highest impact opportunity – our food system: “Cellular agriculture is a historic opportunity to remove animals from food production thus reducing CO2 emissions, water and land use as well as enabling a kinder world.”

Benjamina is the CEO of London-based food tech start-up Higher Steaks, which she founded in 2018. Previously, Benjamina co-founded a London-based B2B electronics company selling to FTSE500 companies. Benjamina has also worked at Israeli 3D printing company, Stratasys, at the digital marketing division of PepsiCo’s joint venture with Strauss and was the lead developer an ed-tech startup. Benjamina holds a Master of Chemical Engineering from the Imperial College, where she completed a project focusing on the design of a peptide plant, conducting a lab-based research on synthesis and liquid exfoliation of graphitic carbon nitride.

Currently work as freelancing senior strategy consultant with focus on market entries and M&A in the field of plant-based and cell-based business models. Previously, I worked for Kearney where I was the lead author of the study “How will cultured meat and meat alternatives disrupt the agricultural and food industry?”. Also, I completed several projects in the field of plant-based and cell-based solutions such as conducted a comprehensive commercial assessment for an investment in plant-based meat alternatives incl. market sizing, competitor & customer analysis, strategic positioning, and revenue & cost driver assessment which convinced several banks to finance production plants for my client. Next, I’m in the alternative protein expert team of the Protein Directory and used to voluntarily work for the Good Food Institut in 2016/17.