Pilots4U Horizon Scan Workshop

Equipping Europe for Bio-based Innovation


Pilots4U has set up one easily accessible database of open-access pilot and demonstration infrastructure for the European bioeconomy. The project also carried out an online survey to understand the equipment and related services required by (potential) users of open-access pilot facilities.

By comparing the established database with the survey results, Pilost4U is currently performing a gap analysis to understand where the EU may have over/under capacity and vulnerabilities now and in the near future. These results will be the initial point for discussion during the workshops and the basis for investment business cases to improve and strengthen the European landscape of pilot and demonstration facilities.

This interactive workshop will bring together industry, researchers and experts from pilot plants to discuss the state of the European open-access pilot and demonstration infrastructure for the bioeconomy. They will also examine the different opportunities to improve service delivery and interconnection between open-access facilities.



Representatives of EU industry • Representatives of EU research • Representatives of open-access facilities

If you have brought, or you are looking to bring an innovative bio-based, biorefinery or biotechnology process towards commercialisation, please join our workshops!



Preliminary AGENDA | 16 October 2018 | Pierre Baudis Convention Centre | Toulouse, France

13.00–13.30 Registration – Light lunch and Coffee
13.30–13.35 Welcome: aims of workshop, benefits for participants and road map
13.35–13.55 Introduction to Pilots4U and brief introduction of the audience
13.55–14.55 Session 1: Evaluation of current situation: areas of under/overcapacity and
key pieces of equipment to maintain momentum
14.55–15.15    Coffee break
15.15–16.15 Session 2: Evaluation of future development: promising sectors/regions and
essential assets to drive new development
16.15–17.15  Session 3: How to improve interconnection and service delivery
17.15–17.30 Concluding remarks
17.30–19.30 Networking drink at Pilots4U booth, EFIB exhibition area



You can either register upon using the EFIB registration system or contact us.
Registrations for the workshop are limited and work on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Stay up to date with the workshop here.

For more information, please contact Andrea Muñoz-Garcia: a.munoz-garcia@nnfcc.co.uk

or go to www.BioPilots4U.eu.