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Company/Organisation type: Media

Focus area/active in: 

  • Bio-based Chemistry
  • Bio-based Materials
  • Engineering / Scale-up
  • Enzyme Technologies & Bioprocesses
  • Feedstock / Biomass
  • Fuels / Lubricants
  • Plant Research
  • Platform / Conversion Technology
  • Synthetic Biology


Life Sciences have been a significant sector and technological focus of GoingPublic Magazine and VentureCapital Magazine for more than 20 years. Apart from cover stories, focus areas, and transaction reporting (rounds of financing, stock market launches, mergers, acquisitions, etc.), four printed issues/e-magazines appear annually. Starting in 2014 the GoingPublic Magazine and the VentureCapital Magazine gave the sector its own “Life Sciences Series” with four issues per year. Since 2017 these issues have appeared under the brand name “Platform Life Sciences”. LifeSciencesUpdate, a digital newsletter with editorial highlights, news, event tips, previews, reviews, cross-links and more accompanies the printed issues. The website shows the range of services on the internet. Here you can find advance reports from the magazines, but also reports on financing rounds, investment trends, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and (patent) law topics, studies as well as events.

Read the September 2020 issue on Biotechnology (in German) here and read the latest special issue on Industrial Bioeconomy (in English)!


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