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EFIB 2020 showcased innovative scientific approaches in the area of industrial biotechnology and the bioeconomy on the digital event platform. We invited scientists from SMEs and academic institutions to submit an abstract for a digital poster presentation. 

If you would like to participate in the Innovation Campus 2021, please contact us at

The abstract text may not be longer than a maximum of 350 words. A maximum of one picture, graph or table can be included per abstract.

Abstracts will be reviewed by a scientific committee. The committee will assess abstracts with regard to scientific excellence and relevance and will nominate poster presentations.

There is no fee for the poster presentation. However, the presenting author must be a registered participant. Please note that the presenting author is not automatically registered by submitting an abstract. Regular registration is required (special rate for academia).

The poster presentations did address one or more of the following topics:

  • Material innovation (e.g. bio-based innovation in the area of plastics, plastic alternatives and packaging in relevant industry areas such as textiles & fashion, Food & Beverages, Cosmetics & Architecture & Construction)
  • Food, feed and nutrition (e.g. novel bio-based solutions for nutrition, novel ingredients & flavours, cultured meat approaches and plant-based innovation, novel food production processes, innovative feed solutions, feed additives, usage of new raw materials and biological resources)
  • New tools/instruments for the bio-based industry (e.g. synthetic biology, genome editing, metabolic engineering, digital solutions, artificial intelligence, big data)
  • Bioprocesses & Technologies: (e.g. novel approaches in fermentation processes & advancements of bioreactors, use of novel feedstocks such as waste streams, biorefineries and circular economy approaches)
  • Green Economy, Circular Economy, Circular Bioeconomy (e.g. bio-based innovation concepts, biorefineries, SDG-related innovation, evaluation processes, validation & monitoring of bio-based innovation and sustainability criteria)
  • Financing & Investing (e.g Evaluation of trends in Sustainable Finance, Impact Investing, role of bioeconomy/biotechnology in ESG reporting)did


Please contact:
Nathalie Di Napoli

We look forward to hearing from you!