EFIB Innovation Campus

The Innovation Campus is showcasing innovative scientific approaches in the areas of industrial biotechnology and the bioeconomy through a dedicated poster presentation next to the EFIB 2022 exhibition.

Bioprocesses & Technologies

  • InoBioTech Baltija Blue biotechnology – Deep Tech Innovation, Marija Katarzyte, Klaipeda University
  • BioBaltic: creating symbiotic relations in Lithuania’s bioeconomy, Jokūbas Krutkevičius, Vilnius University
  • CAFIPLA – An innovative, cost-effective and sustainable pre-treatment concept for heterogeneous bio-waste, Christina Andreeßen, DECHEMA e.V.

Sustainable Biomaterials

  • Wooden Plastics: Investigation of Microorganism Ability to Convert Wood Sugars into Citric Acid for Application in Bioplastic Development, Dovilė Daunoraitė, Vilnius University
  • Biosynthesis of biopolymers using renewable resources: From scientific lab to upstream development and scale-up, Ilona Jonuskiene, Kaunas University of Technology

Food, Feed & Nutrition

  • Shealthy – non-thermal physical technologies to preserve healthiness of fresh and minimally processed fruit and vegetables, Sergio González, Clúster food+i
  • Biological possibilities of nitrogen fixation in the soil, Saulius Mickevičius, Vytautas Magnus University
  • Mesophilic lactic acid bacteria growth using enzyme-assisted extracts, Paulina Martusevice, Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry
  • FARMŸNG – Going big in insect farming to produce premium proteins, Dennis Herzberg, CLIB – Cluster Industrial Biotechnology

In case of any further questions, please contact academicposters@efibforum.com.