Dr. Elke Duwenig is passionate for innovation & sustainability and for safeguarding biotech products and opening markets.
Elke is a senior expert in biotechnology and active in Regulatory and Government Affairs in Nutrition&Health. Next to supporting strategies, R&D projects and sales products, she is engaged in legislations and authority work, both in the EU and globally.
Previously, Elke was responsible for the political work at BASF Plant Science and worked for 10 years as Head of Research Plant Biotechnology on new biotech crops.
Engaged in authority work. Active in R&D projects like healthy fatty acids in rapeseed, high yielding rice, fungal-resistant potato and herbicide resistant soybean as well as molecular enabling tools.
Elke studied biology and chemistry at University Münster, Germany and Stanford University, USA. Graduated in molecular plant physiology at the IGF in Berlin and completed two postdocs at MPI in Golm and University of Freiburg, Germany, before joining BASF.

Elke Duwenig

Senior Biotechnology Expert Global Regulatory / Public & Government Affairs, Nutrition & Health


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