Ildar has a long-time experience in industrial biotechnology, especially with processes where yeasts are involved. During his 20 year career at Lallemand Inc. he has held several positions in production as well as in R&D.

In his current role he is responsible for development of Lallemand’s corporate R&D strategy, as well as for planning and coordination of R&D projects for different business units of Lallemand. One of his mandates is also to be a company’s ambassador to academia.

He is a member of several academic organizations, a part-time lecturer at Tallinn Technical University, and has supervised a number of PhD students.

At EFIB’22 he will give a talk about the current and future applications of genetically engineered yeasts for enhancement of food flavors through fermentation processes.

Ildar Nisamedtinov

VP corporate R&D coordination


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