Rebel Meat GmbH

Start-up Profile

Founded: 2019

Country: Austria

Number of employees: 6

Main focus areas/active in: 

  • Agriculture & Forestry
  • Food

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Which input provides your business model/core technology towards a bio-based economy?

Rebel Meat creates hybrid meat products. We developed a production process that allows us to create hybrid meat products with the same sensory properties as 100% meat, using only 50% of it. Currently, we are working on a 25% version. Additionally, we are working on a database that uses sensory and biochemical properties of animal-based products (mainly meat and fat) to aid product development. Finally, we want to use this database to develop hybrid meat products with cultured meat and fats.

Which market/clients do you address and which short-/long-term goals do you have?

We address the big market of flexitarians and environmentally conscious meat eaters. We started sales to specialised burger restaurants in Austria mid 2019 and are now available Austria-wide in over 350 retail and wholesale stores, and around 25 restaurants. Product development: reduce meat content to 25%. Our long-term goal is to introduce products with 25% cultured meat.

What makes your approach unique compared to other stakeholders in this field?

We are focused on developing the most delicious and environmentally-friendly meat products on the markets. For us, this means: natural ingredients, clean label, organic and locally produced. No additives or artificial flavouring.

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