Site Visit

Organised with the help of Toulouse White Biotechnology

Visit of Lallemand SAS

LALLEMAND was founded in Montréal, Canada, by Fred A. Lallemand at the end of the 19th century and started producing yeast in 1923. It has been owned by the Chagnon family since 1952. Lallemand develops, produces and markets yeast, bacteria and derivatives of microorganisms for a wide range of applications in:

–         Bakeries
–         Wine, beer, alcohol and fuel ethanol production
–         Animal and human nutrition
–         Pharmaceuticals
–         Savoury ingredients for food industry
–         Agriculture
–         Fermentation media

The company has approximately 3500 employees in over 45 countries, on 5 continents. Lallemand continuously invests

–         To improve quality and productivity
–         In a worldwide technical sales network
–         In R&D through internal competencies and in developing a worldwide network of university and industry collaborators

LALLEMAND site visit will give you an insight on their activities in R&D in yeast and bacteria development and application, in multiple domains such as animal nutrition, human health and fermented beverages. The facility in Blagnac features a unique fermentation laboratory dedicated to the evaluation of wine yeast performance, a perfect introduction to visiting a wine producer on the same day.

Visit of Château Cransac

CHATEAU CRANSAC is located in the heart of the Fronton appellation, nestled in the middle of the vineyards. The estate extends over 150 hectares including 50 hectares of vines.

The tour of Château Cransac will include a presentation of the Fronton appellation and the role of the yeasts in the wine process, followed by a visit of the wine cooperative (vineyards and cellars) and a wine tasting.

When & Where

Preliminary AGENDA | 16 October 2018 | Toulouse, France

13.00-13.30 Bus transfer from Pierre Baudis Congress Centre, Toulouse, to Lallemand SAS, Blagnac
13.30–14.30 Visit of Lallemand SAS company
14.30–15.30 Bus transfer from Lallemand SAS, Blagnac, to Château Cransac wine cooperative, Fronton
15.30–16.30 Presentation and visit of Château Cransac wine cooperative (vineyards and cellars)
16.30-17.15    Wine tasting
17.15-18.00  Bus transfer from Château Cransac wine cooperative, Fronton to  Pierre Baudis Congress Centre, Toulouse



Registrations for the site visit work on a ‘first come, first served’ basis and the capacity is fixed at 30 people. Please note that a small fee of 30€ will apply to cover the costs of the bus transfers and the wine tasting.

For more information, please contact Véronique Paquet: