Elke Duwenig

Senior Expert in Regulatory & Government Affairs at Nutrition & Health


Elke is passionate for innovation and sustainability and for safeguarding biotech products, opening markets and shaping legislative & regulatory frameworks globally, both for plant & microbial biotechnology and precision fermentation. She supports biotech products from the first idea through R&D to market launch and implementation, and is committed to embracing technology for a great future.

Elke currently works as senior expert in Regulatory & Government Affairs at Nutrition & Health, BASF. Previously, Elke worked as Head of Government Relations and Head of Research in plant biotechnology at BASF Plant Science.

Elke studied biology and chemistry at University Münster, Germany and Stanford University, USA. Graduated in molecular plant physiology at IGF (Institut für Genbiologische Forschung) in Berlin and completed two postdocs at MPI (Max-Planck-Institute) in Golm and Freiburg University, Germany, before joining industry.