Hidde Boersma

Molecular Biologist & Co-Founder


Hidde Boersma is a freelance publicist and documentary filmmaker, with a PhD in soil microbiology. He writes for a variety of national and international newspapers and magazines, including De Volkskrant, De Groene Amsterdammer and Al Jazeera, mainly on agriculture, biotechnology and ecomodernism. He co-wrote 5 books, including Ecomodernisme (2017), Meer (2020) and Over Eten (2020). In 2017 he debuted with the film Well Fed, which tackled the controversial topic of GMO’s for subsistence farmers, and recently made Paved Paradise (2023), which explores the best way to combine food production and biodiversity.

He is a four time TEDx-speaker and a co-founder of the new techo-optimistic NGO RePlanet.