Kevin Madden

SVP Platform Commercialization

Ginkgo Bioworks

Dr. Madden is a 25+-year veteran of the biotechnology industry, with expertise in the development, production and commercialization of renewable fuels, specialty and fine chemicals, nutritional ingredients and pharmaceutical products.

His role at Ginkgo is to align commercial and technical opportunities to build a scalable licensing business based on Ginkgo’s platform.

Prior to Ginkgo, Kevin managed Joule Unlimited’s efforts to develop photosynthetic organisms and processes for manufacturing fuels from the inputs of sunlight, waste CO2 and non-potable water. Previously he was Chief Scientific Officer at Microbia, Inc. (now a subsidiary of Royal DSM).

Prior to Microbia, Dr. Madden was a postdoctoral fellow at Millennium Pharmaceuticals. Kevin holds a BA in Biology from the University of Pennsylvania and PhD in Biology from Yale University.