Tom Berendsen

Member of the European Parliament

European Parliament

Tom Berendsen is an elected member of the European Parliament since 2019. He is a graduate of Tilburg University as well as Leuven University with a Bachelor in Public Administration. After his graduation, Tom started working for the Dutch CDA-delegation in the European Parliament, focusing on several policy issues over the span of 5 years.

Most recently, Tom has been with PwC Netherlands in Amsterdam, where he worked as an advisor specialised in sustainability. Since the 2nd of July, Tom has been installed as a member of the 9th legislation of the European Parliament. He is a full member of both the Regional committee as well as the Industry, Research and Energy committee. Furthermore, he is a substitute member of the Transport and Tourism committee.

In his work as a member of parliament, Tom focuses on enabling cross-border cooperation in the transport, cohesion and energy fields, as well as the industrial future of Europe.