Eva Van Der Brugge

What's great about EFIB from what I've seen so far is that it's a real platform for exchange of knowledge and opinions. It's not just people giving sales talks, it's a true intention to bring the industry forward and it's also a great chance for me to learn about new innovations.

Philippe Mengal

Again in 2018, EFIB proposed a programme with inspiring speakers and attracted high level exhibitors and delegates enabling intense networking.

Yannick Malbert

EFIB 2018 was a great time. As exhibitor we could meet a lot of potential partners. This is crucial for our development and such an event is a huge opportunity to my company to gain in visibility in the biotech domain.

Prof. Dame Anne Glover

I simply had the most amazing taxi journey here speaking to the taxi driver who was telling ME all about the bioeconomy. So I think people here are interested and excited. Why you come to EFIB is to meet people to the unexpected, it’s not to say hello to old friends but it’s to meet new friends, and that for me equals new opportunities.

Mathieu Flamini

It's not like everyday we are able to meet the leaders of the bioeconomy and being here is an opportunity to interact and exchange with them.

Marcel Wubbolts

EFIB is an enormous networking opportunity to meet new friends and touch base with old friends.

Mark Simmers

I've been very impressed by the high calibre of delegates. Their commitments to biotechnology and the bioeconomy is fantastic and I've had very worthwhile discussions in all the meetings today!

Meredith Lloyd-Evans

This event is very much needed in the European context, to act as a home for industrial biotechnology advances, policymakers and companies, and to encourage the sector through networking and new information.

Tjerk De Ruiter

EFIB connects the brightest people to share the latest bio-based innovations, and discuss opportunities and challenges as we are developing a circular economy, enabled by industrial biotech.

Puneet Trehan

Within one or two days you can actually meet ten to twelve potential partners and start taking the journeys forward. Do you know how much time it takes to book these ten to twelve meetings by emails or calls? Probably six months! So that’s an effective way of connecting and networking.