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Interviews with speakers and event partners

Interview with speaker Joseph Zhou, Managing Partner, Bits x Bites Capital Fund – Find out what Joseph has to say about the Bits x Bites venture fund, which major topics they target, which startups are in their focus, and where in the AgTech & Food space he currently sees the highest potential from a technological perspective and why? Read interview ›

Interview with Jürgen Eck, CEO, BRAIN AG 
Find out more about which potential he sees in developing novel technologies for using CO2 as a resource, which projects BRAIN AG is working on at the moment, and what the largest challenges in this field are. Read interview ›

Interview with Prof. Bo Yu, Executive Director, CAS/TWAS Centre of Excellence for Biotechnology
Find out more about his view on the most promising technologies in industrial biotechnology/bioeconomy, the positioning of industrial biotechnology/bioeconomy in China’s innovation policy, and which major topics are at the top of China’s bioeconomy agenda and why. Read interview ›

Interview with Henk Noorman, Corporate Science Fellow, Process Technology, DSM
Find out more about why novel feedstock are important for DSM to be explored, what the biggest challenges are in this field, and which novel feedstocks are currently in the focus and why. Read interview ›

Interview with EFIB Start-up Village partners Cindy Gerhardt of Biotech Campus Delft and Ubald Kragten of DSM Innovation Center
Find out more about the DSM Innovation Center’s focus, which kind of start-ups they are looking for and which technologies/approaches are the most interesting for DSM, as well as what is offered for start-ups by the DSM Venturing and the Biotech Campus Delft and how they can apply. Read interview ›

Interview with EFIB speaker Fabrizio Calenti, Executive Director, Aquafil
Find out more about how the textile sector could contribute to a more sustainable plane, which role novel bio-based materials could play, what the biggest challenges are for bringing more sustainable manufacturing/ material technologies into the textile market and in which activities/initiatives Aquafil is already involved. Read interview ›