Topic overview

#EFIB2020 dialogues on sustainability after COVID-19

This dialogue series deals with sustainability challenges and opportunities after COVID-19 in the lead-up to EFIB. Each of the topics were highlighted with insights, news and a webinar.

Green. Circular. Sustainable.

How are the bio-based industries contributing with sustainable innovation in key consumer sectors?

Food, Feed & Nutrition

How can new ways of plant-based and cultured meat alternatives in the food industry be scaled up?

Fashion & Textiles

How can innovation cycles be changed towards a more circular and sustainable fashion industry?

Financing & Investing

How are banks supporting the Green Economy and which sustainable financing solutions do they provide?

Materials & Packaging

How to develop new materials and packaging solutions for different industry sectors to provide sustainable and affordable products for consumers?

Bioprocesses & Technologies

How to drive advances in synthetic biology and industrial biotech forward to implement groundbreaking new ways of bioprocessing?