Topic overview

Sustainable technologies and alternatives to fossil-based products, improved resource efficiency of industrial processes, innovative food and feed are all areas where industrial biotechnology and bioeconomy innovation deliver. The EU Green Deal as well as the UN Sustainable Development Goals are driving the innovation agenda. EFIB is the forum to discuss and raise awareness of trends, advancements, and innovations in industrial biotechnology and the bioeconomy with stakeholders from science, industry, finance and policy

Green. Circular. Sustainable.

How are the bio-based industries contributing with sustainable innovation in key consumer sectors?

Food, Feed & Nutrition

How can new ways of plant-based and cultured meat alternatives in the food industry be scaled up?

Fashion & Textiles

How can innovation cycles be changed towards a more circular and sustainable fashion industry?

Financing & Investing

How are banks supporting the Green Economy and which sustainable financing solutions do they provide?

Materials & Packaging

How can new materials and packaging solutions for different industry sectors be developed to provide sustainable and affordable products for consumers?

Bioprocesses & Technologies

How can advances in synthetic biology and industrial biotech be driven forward to implement groundbreaking new ways of bioprocessing?

Sustainable Cities

How do novel approaches in architecture and bio-based building materials develop more sustainable urban environments?