Finland leads the way towards circular economy

During EFIB 2021, Finland will present its world-class competence for bio-based production in a dedicated workshop on Oct 7. With a focus on  “ Business models from Finland in the spotlight: How to generate economic success with industrial biotechnology solutions” a delegation of companies showcases different biotech and bioeconomy expertises.

With renewing solid industry cluster, world-class competence and research, innovation technology, favorable and long-term policies and numerous growth opportunities, Finland offers unique platform for bio-based production and partnering.

Finland is at the epicenter of the global growth of bioeconomy and has set the course for a low-carbon, resource-efficient and sustainable economy. Recent major investments in advanced bioproducts have paved the way for the future and Finland uses the new potential for creating new business opportunities throughout multiple sectors.

Finland’s success is based on a deep understanding of the entire bioproduct value chain, excellent experimental research, favorable policies, integration of cross-disciplinary sciences, “open access” pilots and demonstration platforms. With strong relationships between end-users, companies and researchers, Finland offers an unbeatable development platform for innovation and production of bio-based products and welcomes companies and researches for cross-national innovation.

To get a deeper insight to the Finnish developments, join our session on Thursday October the 7th at 9:00-10:30: Business models from Finland in the spotlight: How to generate economic success with industrial biotechnology solutions. The companies eniferBio, Origin by Ocean, MetGen, NordShield and Kotkamills will share their experiences and knowledge on how to turn innovation into business. After the insightful presentations, we will have a panel discussion during which you will have an opportunity to ask questions.

You can expect the following inputs:

Brewing European protein independence  
Simo Ellilä, CEO & Co-founder at eniferBio  

Converting a global environmental problem into a valuable and viable business 
Mikael Westerlund, CEO and Founder at Origin by Ocean  

NordShield: title TBC 
Stefan Sandås, Vice President, Head of Technical Services, NordShield 

Accelerating change for sustainable living 
Saila Kettunen, Vice President, Sustainability and Communications, MM Kotkamills

New Wave of Bio-based Materials 
Matti Heikkilä, Chief Operating Officer, MetGen

Join us for a Finnland afternoon reception & explore new business opportunities with Northern Europe!

 After the session – in the afternoon of Oct 6 – H.E. Ambassador (of Finland) Ms. Pirkko Hämäläinen will join the event to invite all delegates meeting with Finnish companies and explore novel partnership opportunities during a special “Tasting of Original Flamed Salmon from Northern Finland” reception in the exhibition area. Looking forward to see you there!