Financing & Investing // Do investors value sustainability and bio-based innovation? //

Sustainability Dialogue: Financing & Investing

Pre-conference Webinar:

Thursday, 17 September | 14:00 – 15:00 CET

Sustainable investments have seen a rise in recent years with a growing number of funds to back green companies and to divest from fossil-fuel product portfolios. The growth of green finance seems certain to continue as many governments worldwide focus on how to cut pollution and greenhouse gases and more regulators require companies to disclose climate-related risks—leading to more data showing which companies are most exposed and better insight about how to make money while saving the planet. The thematic spectrum of sustainable finance is still very broad with low requirements on fixed definitions, thus ranging from pollution-free energy to strict ethical policies.

Moderated by Rob van der Meij, Capricorn Partners, this webinar discussed the role of bio-based innovation within this sustainability debate in the finance sector, how investors value this topic and if COVID-19 changed the agendas in this regard.


The webinar provided insights on key developments in the field and future prospects:

  • Will sustainable financing be a long-term trend and which drivers can be identified?
  • Will bio-based innovation play a role in this development and does sustainability count for investors?
  • What impact does COVID-19 have on financing and investing in the bioeconomy?