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#EFIB2020 dialogues on sustainability
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Sustainability is beginning to transform the food industry with environmental, economic and social factors being considered, evaluated and implemented throughout the supply chain like never before. When it comes to innovation, a growing number of stakeholders is working on different technologies to provide a more sustainable way of producing food and feed for humans and animals. Be it insects, algaes or plants as a new resource for food or feed, be it synthetic biology or other cell-based strategies – the different routes require adapted regulatory and policy frameworks and market access strategies. EFIB provides a platform to discuss those business challenges and opportunities.

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Insights. Discussions. Perspectives.
Upscaling in the race to cultured meat
A first wave of cultured meat companies is pushing forward. European start-ups like Mosa Meat or Peace of Meat are part of the game and aim to have production running by 2022… 

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Investors are pushing alternative meat market  
Manufacturers are keen to get involved in the alternative meat market. Investors and incubators are pushing forward start-ups…

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EFIB 2019 Highlights
Interview with Joseph Zhou, Managing Partner, Bits x Bites Capital Fund
Find out about how the Bits x Bites venture fund has been founded and about its mission/goals, which major topics are targeted and which startups are in the focus, and where in the AgTech & Food space Joseph sees the highest potential from a technological perspective and why?

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Interview with Henk Noorman, Corporate Science Fellow, Process Technology, DSM
Find out about why novel feedstock are important for DSM to be explored, what the biggest challenges in this field are, and which novel feedstocks are currently in the focus and why?

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Interview with Jan Meiling, Managing Director, Startlife Incubator