Materials & Packaging

In trade and industry, a variety of different materials is required for the manufacture of products. In the future, the production of and with materials – from that of a water bottle, an automobile or a skyscraper – will become a massive challenge. Fossil-based materials are increasingly replaced by those made from biological resources or renewable materials. Many stakeholders in industry and science are developing novel strategies to design bio-based materials and set up resource-efficient manufacturing processes for sustainable packaging. Particularly, biopolymers and the better usage of waste streams as a starting point for novel materials are in the focus of interest. However, the creation of new manufacturing processes and supply chains are major challenges faced by material and packaging innovators. In addition, each industrial application area – be it architecture, automotive industry or fashion, be it food or cosmetics packaging– requires its own functionalities and certification procedures for market access. EFIB provides a platform to discuss current trends, technologies and market challenges.

Highlights from previous EFIB editions

#EFIB2020 dialogues on sustainability after COVID-19​

The fifth webinar in the EFIB2020 Sustainability Dialogues Series “How to develop sustainable materials with bio-based innovation” took place on 24 September 2020 with presentations from material start-ups and research institutes.