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Founded: 2018

Country: Austria

Number of employees: 9

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  • Equipment / Automation / Analytics


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Which input provides your business model/core technology towards a bio-based economy?

The usePAT GmbH is active in the field of ultrasonic technology for sensors and measuring probes in industrial liquids. The research on this topic started in 2005 at the Technical University of Vienna. usePAT builds add-ons for in-line probes, which are to be understood as an add-on to them in the form of process fittings. These improve or enable measurements in liquids directly in the industrial process. usePAT supports the efforts to base decisions of process control more and more on data (Industry 4.0). The goal is to provide these data as accurately as possible in order to enable the best possible process control. The ultrasonic fittings soniccatch and sonicwipe thus support inline as well as real-time measurements in production and R&D processes with regard to sensitivity and stability. usePAT helps to measure data that could not previously be collected directly in the process. On the one hand, this is achieved by agglomeration of the particles. On the other hand, probe windows are kept clean. By eliminating the need for sampling or cleaning, the safety of employees, productivity and process control are increased. The measured data are immediately available and can be processed/stored immediately.

Which market/clients do you address and which short-/long-term goals do you have?

usePAT’s technology continuously generated, accurate measurement data opens up new possibilities for process optimization and cost savings in industrial and R&D applications. As sensors are being increasingly applied in various industrial fields, ranging from pharma, biotech, chemical, food&beverage to generally speaking wastewater industry, to ensure compliance with regulations and guidelines provided both on a national and international basis, the need is present to guarantee their stable and reliable operation in the field. In order to ensure a process operation within those regulatory requirements, said process information gained from sensors needs to be as accurate and real-time like as possible. usePAT has successfully been able to demonstrate several use cases in enhancing sensor’s performance in industrial applications and is eager to keep on going by finding new partners ready to participate in an innovative technological-cooperation regarding process analytics.

What makes your approach unique compared to other stakeholders in this field?

We believe to be able to significantly contribute to the field of bioprocesses and technologies, as our ultrasound technology poses a valuable contribution to driving forward process control, basing it on in-line and real-time data gained directly from within the (bio-) process. Many analytical methods are able to be performed inline, thanks to a pairing with usePAT’s process fittings, due to their increased measurement data’s sensitivity, selectivity and stability. As determining a production’s status for means of process steering is no longer dependent on offline sampling, which is prone to influencing the taken sample’s composition and is furthermore time-consuming, or high need of maintenance, as probes get dirty and often cannot be upkept during a running process, usePAT’s disruptive, innovative approach in enhancing data for optimizing process control enables various benefits regarding product quality, yield, process steering in terms of time and resource-efficiency.

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